Berserk Golden Age: The Egg of the King Movie, My Thoughts

It was much too long to be called an OVA…¬† but it was far too short to be called a film.

Well, if you guys didn’t know for some reason I’m a gigantic fan of Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga series. Everything about the cruel Black Swordsman Guts’s journey has touched and moved me in ways few other manga could ever dream of doing. It’s a pretty big influence on my webcomic And Once Again if I’m being truthful, Guts being one of the primary sources of inspiration for Gekido. I never watched the old anime adaptation and I’m not really interested in doing so since it’s older and it cut out a lot of stuff, and for the most part I was going to avoid these three anime films as well. But I was bored and I like to show my girlfriend stuff that she isn’t into yet since I absorb so much fucking media. I felt the films would be a decent enough introduction to the story of Guts and Griffith since she doesn’t usually just start a manga if I tell her to, plus she’s not big on gore which is preeetty abundant in Berserk. But lo and behold, she was able to really enjoy this first movie with me a few hours ago. We were both aware of some pretty blatant problems with it though…

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Tsugumomo Review- I Am a New Man

DISCLAIMER- I started writing this a month ago and I’ve been so damn lazy that I never finished writing it until today. I’m going to do more blogs though.

Oh hey look at that. A manga review. I guess I used to do those, yeah? Maybe I should get back to writing out my thoughts on the random junk I read/watch. My sleeping schedule is weirdly different these¬† days so I spend a lot of my nights laying in bed browing Batoto for anything new that catches my eye. I’ll scan the popular manga series, but more often than now I’ll just play Russian Roulette with the random button until I finally find someone that grabs my interest. I like looking for new and unique series with strange, outlandish premises and really good art. I found Tsugumomo a few days ago and binge read it within three days or so while working on my webcomic art and commissions queue. I should probably talk about something before I touch on the actual review, though…

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Life, Death, and the Amazing Spirit Circle

Full Spoilers Ahead

Spirit Circle is the third manga I’ve read by the mangaka Satoshi Mizukami. Hoshi no Samidare was an instant classic to me while Sengoku Youko was a thrilling escapade that while not as tight and perfect as the former still constantly impressed me and I fell in love with it just the same. Spirit Circle is the only other longer series he’s made thus far but it’s only 6 volumes. With it, I wanted to ascertain the truth of Satoshi Mizukami’s talent. Is he a great author capable of churning out hit after hit, or is he a fringe creator who makes something really great and something ok on random? I need to be fully honest with you. After reading Spirit Circle I am convinced that Satoshi Mizukami is the most underrated mangaka I’ve possibly ever encountered. This was easily on the level of Hoshi no Samidare if not better depending on what you’re looking for in a story.

The Spirit Circle is a pretty cool weapon, but this isn't strictly a battle series. Don't expect one when you go into it.

The Spirit Circle is a pretty cool weapon, but this isn’t strictly a battle series. Don’t expect one.

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Nurarihyon no Mago Was, Well, Pretty Good

Full Spoilers Ahead

I finally finished going through the manga Nurarihyon no Mago by Shiibashi Hiroshi. My interested started to wane as I reached the 2nd to last arc so it took me a lot longer to work up the motivation it took to finish this series. But hey, it was a pretty fun one. But you’re here cause you want to see me bitch about the things here and there I didn’t care for aren’t you? This manga had a really crappy start that made me groan a lot. The main character, Nura Rikuo, is the grandson of a powerful Yokai named Nurarihyon. The Nura clan headed by him is an influential gang of 100 Yokai, a Hyakki Yako (Night Parade) and it’s Rikuo’s job to become the successor. Only problem is he’s only a quarter Yokai due to his grandpa and date both mating with humans, and for the first 3 or so volumes Rikuo tries to avoid this Yokai lifestyle. Which was very annoying because whenever night comes his body morphs into an ultra badass, smooth and confident Yokai form… I was REALLY afraid that Rikuo was going to never develop and become like Sawada Tsuna of Katekyo Hitman Reborn infamy (god I hate that series so much). But no, pretty quickly Rikuo gets his ass in gear and starts being cool all the time as a good shounen protagonist ought to. I was very relieved. It’s not that I hate characters who are averse to fighting and responsibility but in this certain situation there was no call for the main character to even be like that. It was just annoying and made me struggle through the earlier moments of the manga.

The artwork of Nurarihyon no Mago is phenomenal. It starts with a few rough errors here and there in the beginning but ultimately it becomes a magnificent fusion between modern manga inking and traditional Japanese brush strokes. It's really, really wonderful is what I'm saying.

The artwork of Nurarihyon no Mago is phenomenal. It starts with a few rough errors here and there in the beginning but ultimately it becomes a magnificent fusion between modern manga inking and traditional Japanese brush strokes. It’s really, really wonderful is what I’m saying. Character designs are stellar across the board and the artist has quickly become a favorite of mine from his work on this series alone. I may have to see what else he’s done. Also, he used to be an assistant to Hirohiko Araki! The author of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!!

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Holy Crap I Think I Hated ReLife?

Welp like I said I recently watched this anime during my vacation. Watched the whole thing in a few sessions with my girlfriend and I thought I might as well try out something popular that we could watch together so I could maybe write a blog about it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I read a few of the webcomic chapters ages ago but didn’t really care for it. Was sort of surprised to learn it actually got an anime adaptaition. Good on more studies for taking chances on crazy properties… but this isn’t exactly on the level of Mob Psycho 100 or anything like that. For those who don’t know the story of ReLife goes as thus: Kanzaki Arata is a shut in at the age of 27 who only works part time. He’s a failure and slight nervous wreck who randomly gets the chance to take a magic science pill which will make him look like he’s 10 years younger again. With the physical appearance of a 17 year old, naturally the only thing to do is enroll in a kawaii Japanese High School as part of a weird, vague program to make him not a NEET anymore? The details of the ReLife program are extremely vague and are just like ‘hey go be a kid again, study and make friends and have creepy pedo romances and you won’t be a NEET anymore.’ Ok then? I’m… sure it’s more detailed than that but it’s never clarified. Continue reading