About the Author

I’m Clayton Summers, a Webcomics Creator. My main focus is the creation of my series, And Once Again. You may or may not know that by now but hey we got to cover the basics. I’m just a guy who does what he loves all day every day. Always thinking about my work, always planning, always writing, always drawing…

But I do have a dream that’s beyond this, you know? Beyond just sitting around and working at my comics… I want to make special comics. I want to create a comic that people will stay up till 2 in the morning writing fan theories for despite having school or work in a few hours. I want to make something that will make others push themselves to create fan-art… To see them stress over every little detail of their piece because the characters mean something to them and they want to get it ‘just right’. I want to be able to go on Youtube, search And Once Again and if I so choose I could stay up all night watching fan-made music videos and animations. I want to watch people become engrossed in what I do, I want to make something amazing that is important to lots of people. If what I make can help others in any way, then I’ll be satisfied with myself and my work.

With my passion and dedication I know I’ll succeed and in the future I hope you, dear reader, will be part of my dream… So stay around. I have big plans for the journey ahead!