Hey everyone from r/duelyst and readers of my webcomic. Since my webcomic readers might not be aware, I’ve been on a binge of making Duelyst sketch fanarts in my free time before I move this last week or two, here’s a link to all that I’ve done so far http://imgur.com/a/SeKqf , I wanted everyone to know that my move is starting on Monday and I will have full internet on Thursday, so I’m not going to be working on any new Duelyst sketches until after I move and my studio gets set up. I’m very, very excited as my dream is coming true. I’ve always wanted my own studio ever since I was young and knew I wanted to be an artist, and now it’s finally coming true as when I move into my two-bedroom appartment the second bedroom is exclusively my studio.

That being said, I’m stopping doing Duelyst sketches for a while even after I move in. I’m going to be working on a really big project for Duelyst fanart when I get set up and instead of showing you guys instantly like I always do I’m going to be posting all of them at once. So it’ll be a week or two till you see any new Duelyst related art from me. When you do though, it’ll be worth it.

Duelyst people don’t need to read past this, as it deals with my comic along with some asking for help and I don’t want to be perceived as begging. This is mostly for my other fans who’ve supported my before.

As far as my webcomic goes I need to tell you I’m still not going to be working on it for a month or more, as badly as I want to. You see I’m kind of in a rough spot right now. The buildup to the move was a giant bunch of drama and my mind and social-side sort of shut down for a few weeks and I couldn’t work on my commissions queue for the first time since I’ve started doing comms. I basically just shut off and started working on personal sketches, reading new manga and playing Duelyst for a few weeks straight. This means about 10 people or so are still waiting for me to make their pictures, and frankly that feels terrible and I’m ashamed that I had to take so much personal time (even though I’ve never done so before). So before the comic gets started again I need to finish my entire commissions queue which puts me in a really bad spot, since I’m not going to accept new orders until I finish my entire backlog. I’d feel terrible if I did that, and it means I’m not going to be making any money at all until I finish my backlog (remember, commissions is my full time job).

When I DO get back to the comic though it should go very smoothly as I’ll no longer be in an abusive environment, will have my own studio and all the time in the world to focus on my craft. I’ve been feeling the need to make more comics grow stronger day by day and I’m happy to announce that after And Once Again has momentum going again I’m going to start producing lots of black and white oneshots and standalone stories, just because I want to make more comics on the side and have more to my name than a single webcomic and a furry porn artist career.

I’m still accepting donations for this month to help me get through with no income as I had to say in my last comic update, http://talesuntold.us/comic/and-once-again-4th-tale-page-31/ , but there’s also a few things for my studio that I’d really appreciate getting some donations from as they’ll allow the comic to go much smoother in the future as well as all of my other artwork. I used a tiny bit of my remaining money to order these , and I’d like a bigger set of them so that I can use them for my comics and art in general. These are the ones I was able to find, but if ANYONE can find one of these in a normal child/loli/shota size and not the toddler one I found I’d be eternally greatful. Seriously, go looking for one of those for me and I might sketch you something in return cause I sure as hell can’t find one. I pretty much want one of every body type, maybe in the future even more as I’d be able to pose group shots of characters with the same body type. But still, if you are able to help my art out I’d really appreciate some help picking up these for my new studio!

Let’s hope this is the last time I have to ask people for support for a very, very, very, very long time. I’m quite sick of it but this last month and a half has been pure hell. If you wish to support me, here’s the link http://www.paypal.me/ClaytonSummers