It really didn’t deserve the ending it got. Or did it? I really can’t say myself. I have a long and complicated relationship with Bleach spanning way back into my childhood. I grew up with it and it was an early inspiration of mine. Judging from the title you can pretty much see that didn’t last very long, as for years now Bleach has been a series I love to hate. I love it for all the wrong reasons. I stopped reading it in the early Quincy arc because I just couldn’t follow Kubo’s bullshit anymore. As I started to become a better artist I started to see all the little things about his comic making style that I started to hate, I realized that so much of Bleach’s art is cutting corners and often to comical extent. 90% of the panels are pure white with no backgrounds or random white pillars, and I find his action incredibly hard to follow. The way he draws motion makes for very little sense of impact and in his battle scenes there’s often no actual movement, just characters rushing at each other with speedlines obscuring parts of their body. It’s just basic on every sense of the word- and don’t even get me started on “The Heart”. So little effort is put into drawing this manga that it baffles me.

You see, I’m really torn on whether or not Bleach deserved the cancellation it ended up getting. A couple of weeks ago I saw this video of a Bleach fan who argued that Shonen Jump wasn’t promoting their series enough and claimed that One Piece was being marketed forcibly. Now to anyone who doesn’t know, One Piece is the highest selling COMIC BOOK- not just manga- in the history of the medium. This guy argued that even though OP is great they were marketing it too much and not supporting their other artists because Bleach hasn’t been on the magazine cover for over a year now. I’m not going to argue One Piece being over marketed because the entire notion of that is just stupid to me. It’s the best selling series of all time for a reason, quality. Continuous quality.

On the other hand, why does Bleach deserve the magazine to promote it? Full disclosure for those who don’t know me, but One Piece is just about the most important thing in the world to me. But I’m saying all of this without bias and I’m looking at Bleach objectively. Kubo is notoriously hard to work with when it comes to editors, always wanting to do his own thing. Bleach is all style and no substance. Ichigo is an absolutely horrendous Mary Sue who constantly gets more and more powers, by the end of the series he’s a Human-Shinigami-Hollow-Fullbringer-Quincy with enough form transformations to make a Super Saiyan blush. (most of which he never uses) He is a non-character. Kurosaki Ichigo’s motivations are ‘protect a lot of people’ and he has absolutely no characterization beyond ‘is strong’ and ‘cares about his friends’. He never grows as a character, never develops deeper motivations, no, Ichigo just reacts to things happening around him and then has constant powerups without ever having to work for him. He never accomplishes anything by his own power, which really annoyed me. The only worse shonen protagonist is Natsu Dragneel. Bleach is a series of no depth, it tries to sound cool and pretentious a lot but its really just nonsensical 2deep4u garbage.

Kubo is an atrocious writer, as even his staunchest fans often admit. Instead of taking the time to develop the characters he already has Kubo instead seeks to introduce as many characters as possible and then forgets they exist for 300 chapters only for them to come back, do nothing, and then are forgotten about. I feel that the majority of Bleach fans are just salty that the series was forced to end when it was already in its ‘final’ arc (despite Kubo saying he had ideas for more…). To be honest with you this whole situation mirrors Shaman King, one of my all time favorite series. Shaman King was also cancelled in its last arc for no good reason, but the popularity lived on and eventually the author was allowed to go back and finish his ending years later, even getting to make a brand new sequel after that in the form of Shaman King Flowers. I guess all I can say to Bleach fans is to pray to the Soul King that they’ll let him go back and expand on the ending in some way.

But wow, that ending was garbage lol. It’s pretty clear that Kubo will try to worm his way into one of the spin-off Jump mags and probably do a sequel series with everyone’s kids, and hey, more power to him. At the end of the day I respect how much Kubo likes what he does and thats why despite how much I hate him as a comic creator I feel bad he had to go out the way it did.

also what does this quote even mean