I started this painting weeks ago but the tech issues keeped me from finishing it. So, my mentor has me working a lot on my background painting skills (using this background from Non Non Biyori) in preparation for my next comic series as it’s very atmospheric and will be relying on its visuals more than its text and dialogue. I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about it right now personally although it’s late at night and my mood is likely somewhat skewed toward the negative.

This painting isn’t really finished I think, but it’s as close as I can come. It was really hard to just jump straight back into this with so many layers and now so many paint brush choices to make, so I instead polished it up as far as I could before showing it off here on my site… Once Noble Saga is done I will likely be doing one of these a day between concept art work. The goal is to be at a professional level with my background painting within a few months. I’m going to be working really, really hard on it.