Ok. Just finished Season 2 5 minutes ago. In typical me fashion, it’s time to chronicle my thoughts. Spoilers ho!

Wow that damn finale. Why wasn’t every episode of Season 2 as good as that? I was absorbed every second of it and the way they handled the polygraph test was incredible. I was a bit swept up in the minute. I honestly feel like I should have seen the twist coming with how he’d handle it… but you know. Even if it may have been obvious I still enjoyed how it was executed. The build up to it was incredible and I love how Norma was willing to accept that Norman may need to go to an institution if he wants any chance at a protected life, even accepting that he killed Blair Watson.

But… Season 2 as a whole? I don’t get it. It was up and down and up and down in quality compared to season 1. I really don’t get it. I loved parts of this season, but others were just… so boring. Emma. Ugh. Her entire role in the show was basically thrown out and her plotline about losing her virginity to some stoner staying at the motel? That was so useless. I can’t stand when a character is kept around in the main cast while they contribute nothing to the ongoing story. In fact, THAT BECAME HER PLOT POINT IN THE SECOND HALF! She was literally upset that she stands around being unimportant and that no one tells her anything. This is funny to me and I lost all interest in the character when it became obvious she has no baring on the actual plot. I can’t stand when writers do this…

On a similar note, I’m grateful that they got rid of Bradley so quick. I did not care for her and her exiting the show was the most exciting thing they did with her character. I was kinda all for it when she jumped off the bridge at the beginning to be honest, but her killing the drug lord was pretty cool too before she skipped town. Part of me thinks she’ll crop up again in some form or what not and I’m hoping they don’t bother. She had no chemistry with Norman at all and was really boring.

The focus on Norma’s personal life this season was really annoying to me. I didn’t care about her joining high society or her new rich boyfriend… Season 1 was so good because everyone was under fire constantly. There was pressure in a great amount of situations just pouring and pouring and pouring down at Norman and his mother, but season 2 tried to balance it with positive things and the flow felt really muddy to me. I was bored a lot compared to the constant psychotic moments of the first season, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy season 2.

I liked Cody a lot. Mainly because she was my dream girl, but still… No, she had all the chemistry with Norman that Bradley lacked and watching her interract with him was interesting. I find that I am getting better at analyzing stories lately. When Cody was introduced as a grocery store worker I instantly thought to my self, ‘Hm. She seems cute and has too much chemistry with Norman to not be a recurring character. Is this the meetcute? Is she going to be his love interest this season?’ And lo and behold I was right. Him killing her abusive dad was pretty cool, then handled that well but I dislike how it made her leave the show… I liked her a lot. *sigh*

Dillon’s plotline I was half and half on. Part of it was boring, part of it was great, all of it felt like it didn’t belong in this show. Oh, I’m not talking about the revelation that he’s an incest rape baby (props to this show for pulling that off and doing so amazingly), but I’m talking about his involvement in the drug trade. It felt out of place and just there so that he had something to do, except unlike Emma he was still involved in the main story heavily. I’ll see where it goes because the idea of him becoming the new drug  lord in season 3 sounds pretty intriguing.

Sheriff Romero is the fucking best. Seriously, same as before. 10/10 I can’t get enough of this guy I love him. I paid full attention whenever he does shit, I just can’t stress it enough how badass this guy is.

Damn my thoughts were longer this time. Maybe I should write thoughts as I go along and edit them into a post after I finish a season next time so that writing this doesn’t take a half hour. Eh. I’m going to start season 3 soon. Today was a good art day as well. See you guys soon!