Go buy it on Kindle!

I finished the last page yesterday and before I did a friend of mine brought up to me something that I hadn’t quite considered. Digital self-publishing… Sounded simple enough and it made a lot of sense to me. So in celebration of the project’s completion I decided that I’d make it available to readers right away. What does this mean on the site?

Noble Saga is still maintaining its update schedule of Mondays and Fridays, but now if you want to read it and get to see some cool extras I worked in then you can buy it for your kindle assuming you have such a device. I want to point out that in the future I’m not going to put a comic up for sale as soon as I finish it, this is a special occasion.

If you DON’T have a kindle, I will probably be looking into other ways to publish digitally. Comixology, maybe. We’ll see but for now please share this news with anyone you can! Write reviews to help me gain more buyers and spread the word.

What am I doing now that Noble Saga is over? Going to work on something business related for a few days and then I’ll announce that.