And Once Again 2nd Tale, Page 1

Hm, note to self. I need to brush up page 2 before posting it on Friday. I don’t like parts of it… Ah, hello there people.  I didn’t see you come in. Here’s the update for Wednesday and thus the 2nd Tale has officially commenced. It’s almost hard for me to believe my ADD addled mind is able to concentrate on one story but I guess the difference between all those attempts in my younger years is experience and also And Once Again being something I care deeply about, thus working on it every day is less a routine and more like something I actively want to be doing anyway.

There has been an incredible amount of art evolution within the 2nd Tale thus far, but you won’t start to see it till maybe halfway in. Things are coming along very smoothly when it comes to production, by the way readers. The script for the 3rd Tale has been about 99% finalized- I just got to do one minor edit and then it’ll have the official stamp of approval and I can get to work on it right after the 2nd Tale is finished. But there was a minor change in the backscenes, the upcoming 4th Tale was initially slated to be the 6th and I’m shuffling it around for a myriad of reasons. Thus I need to have a written outline for it sometime soon, and it introduces a principle character that I have around 60% fleshed out and don’t have a design for. These are all stuff I’ve got to allot some time to once the 2nd Tale is closer to completion…

Just a friendly reminder that if you enjoy And Once Again and would like to help me have the time to work on that stuff then a pledge over on my Patreon would ease my mind a lot. I try not to hawk the Patreon in every update but I do want to point it out now that the 2nd Tale has officially commenced. Bit by bit I’m going to need to make money from this and we’ve already got a small start. You can obviously help in other ways by sharing my pages on social media and junk, voting for me on Top Webcomic daily and just continuing to read And Once Again.

  • Nighteye

    I know I’ve probably said this before but the way you draw the scenery in And Once Again is absolutely amazing! It is so visually pleasing to look at, and it does such an amazing job at putting the reader into the scene. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over how gorgeous it is 😀

  • Well prepare for a massive increase in quality, the 2nd half in particular is a gigantic leap forward.

  • Nighteye

    Haha, man, I can’t even imagine what better then this could even look like. I am so proud that you are improving though! I can’t wait to see all the changes in style 🙂

  • Lawrence0721

    Poor pup he needs to get out of the rain.

  • ryulee1996

    Crazy rainstorm omg! Wait, is that a dead animal? Aw…poor thing. 🙁

  • Watuki

    Oh no poor puppy 🙁 I know it’s cliche for the dog to always die but I don’t want it to die.

  • ookamiSL

    What smells worse than wet dog? A dead, wet dog.

  • Ruky

    Rain, rain, and what’s this? More rain? Geeze. That sure is a lot of rain.