We are different
But still at the very core
We are just the same

Here it is. It’s time. It has begun. Ok, not really. It starts tomorrow. I’m just uploading the cover ahead of time so I can check things out and ease my burden the tiniest of bits for the morning when I’ve got to upload and write descriptions for a load of pages at once. Hey it won’t be so hard though, I’ve got experience and a lot of commentary to add I suppose. I’m just really looking forward for everything this new series of mine represents and I hope you all will too. I’ve been working on And Once Again for several months now and I’ve only got more amazing ideas ahead of me for where I want to take this. I can’t do it alone though, so please share this series as you read it and continue to help me out as much as you can. I greatly appreciate everyone who’s helped me thus far and who plans to continue helping me into the future.