Brother to brother
Pettiness haunts all our hearts
Every now and then

Hey everyone. It’s late at night right now and I’ve a doctor’s appointment in the morning so I figured I would get this page out of the way and let everyone have at it a tiny bit earlier. Hopefully everyone enjoys my kindness. No, but really.

So I know I shouldn’t be taking myself out all the time but I really do think this is a weakpoint of the 1st Tale. I was somewhat pressed to get things done and I feel that the 1st Tale could have been told a lot tighter. There’s some random scene changes like here, one upcoming bad plot device… I’ll get to that. Don’t get me wrong I’m still very satisfied with the 1st Tale and I think you’ll be thoroughly entertained as well but really trust me when I say that the story gets a lot tighter and focused. I still had to find my style for this comic in terms of writing. Thankfully after the 1st tale I know what works, and I have much more planned out.