Two separate ways
Though we may apart now
Our paths become one

Ok I’m uploading this early too . There are a lot of pages to upload and I need to write commentary for each of them you know? This is making it a tiny bit easier for me tomorrow. I may start uploading the rest of the pages bit by bit until we reach page 7. That’s the deal guys, to give a bigger hook for starting to read I’m releasing these 7 pages on the first day before we start trucking on the M/W/F release schedule. Ah I’m quite excited. I’ve been working on this for quite a long time as you guys know. I also just started a new ad campaign for And Once Again. The goal is to spend $60 a month on it. I’ll hopefully bring in some more readers this way and potential Patreon patrons. We got to make this work, guys.

Anyway about this illustration. All of the chapter covers for And Once Again are drawn in the style of far eastern shadow puppets. I think the artform is really beautiful and you don’t see much of it get exposed over here. It’s not a very well-known art style and I wanted to adopt it a little bit. I like the detailed puppets and the stark black/white contrast and the warm glow is quite pretty. I want to take lots of risks with And Once Again to make it stand out among the crowd. I like the result and I’m curious as to what I’ll end up doing for the 2nd Tale’s upcoming chapter cover as well. I’ll be drawing it within a few days I believe.