Not going to lie I’m quite pleased with how this came out. I guess it’s a product of sentimentality in a way as I’m happy with this as a design from where Gekido started. Care to listen? So when I first started planning And Once Again (and I mean at the very beginning) I didn’t have much of a distinction between the types of ghosts that Borei and Gekido were. Doing the barest minimum of research on the subject led me to discover Onryo (I did a lot more research after that though trust me) and I pretty much instantly understood that I had to make my character into one of these. It fit perfectly but if you can believe it Gekido actually didn’t have a ghostly form like this until several months into production. My editor (Hi!) continually told me that I needed to work on the visual cues of my characters being ghosts. Early sketches of Gekido were just a Samurai with tattered clothes and armor- nothing really otherwordly besides the sword lodged in his gut. He kept drilling it into me that one morning I did a super rough sketch which he ended up praising which became the foundation for this design. I can be a bit thickheaded and approach problems in weird, counter intuitive ways and he has to give me some embarassingly obvious advice sometimes (‘Make your ghosts look like ghosts’).

I do feel like I learn a lot from every obvious and embarassing mistake that gets pointed out to me and it’s a good way to keep myself humbled. In general I make it a point to keep myself from ever being too proud of my work because I know I am capable of better, and pride can corrupt oneself and lead to stagnation. Content is something I never want to be as an artist, because if I’m content I’ll stop growing. I’m very greatful to have someone who encourages this way of thinking by pushing me in ways that my short-sightedness misses its mark on all too frequently.

Man I ended up going on for a while today with the commentary, huh? Didn’t mean to. I just sat down and started writing the update. I kind of like that about Webcomics if I’m being honest. For some readers it may take away from the story if you read it all in one go, but it’s nice for the author to be able to talk about all these different things during an update. I kinda like it talking about all this stuff with my readers. Anyway, see you all soon. This will be a good week for And Once Again!