Under the moonlight
He and I stand face to face
It is time to meet.

It’s 12 o’clock somewhere, right? I mostly just want to post this page ok? Is that so wrong of me to be excited for Gekido’s debut and to share it with you? He doesn’t appear fully until next Monday but we have this panel that I’m quite fond of instead. This whole page is quite well done if I do say so myself. Well done color balance to change the mood to a much darker and ominous mood. Kind of a whiplash from the last pages yellow focus… but I’m learning better scene transitions as I go along. For everyone who’s been following along so far I encourage you to watch even more closely from now on as it’s going to get quite intense and I’m really proud of what I’ve done for the rest of the 1st Tale. It really shines with their interactions. For everyone justĀ  joining, sit tight.