His flame consumes me
The heat of hatred brews strong
Melancholic life

As promised here is the debut of the deuteragonist (yes my uninformed, less pretentious friend that is indeed a real word) Gekido. I really don’t care about ‘spoilers’ since it’s kind of obvious and the promotional material for And Once Again showcases Borei and Gekido together. I guess that’s the curse of launching a series this way with a media campaign on my patreon and various other sites? I mean you’ll still get to see how, but you already know that he’s a Samurai ghost who goes along with Borei in some way or another. I think you guys will be pretty surprised with the specifics of their dynamic however and advise you to see where their interactions go. It’s not what you’d expect. After the 1st Tale though you guys aren’t getting shit from me storywise ahead of time and you are going to be subject to my mysterious wild ride for the foreseeable future. Trust me I aim to make it one you won’t forget strap yourselves in and get comfortable.

I’m also downloading a few shorter manga series to do some reviews on. Reviews aren’t a huge part of the site obviously but hey they add a tiny bit of content and make me more visible on google, plus anyone who’s actually interested in what I have to say about stuff and my scholarly viewpoints can be preserved for the ages! Ok, perhaps I’m taking the pseudo(?)-pretentious character a bit too far with that line. But yeah expect me to post some thoughts whenever I get around to it.