Looking down at me
Red eyes, Red, the color of
Blood and also heart

It’s a strange thought knowing I’m already on page 13 being uploaded, but I’m ok with it. The decision to release the first 7 pages all at once was made relatively early on in development once the script had been finalized and I like it because it allowed me to start advertising And Once Again since day one. Today is sort of important, it’s the highest traffic my site has got ever since And Once Again has launched and at this rate as I add more pages, more blogs and more reviews I know that my website is going to continue to gain traction. I’m going to continue gaining more unique viewers and page views from here on out to increase the success of my webcomic and art as a whole! I am filled with Determination.

This page has some small things wrong with it but it’s acceptible enough that I felt I could upload it. The thing that bothers me the most probably is the changing of Gekido’s katana’s hilt size. It’s pretty shifty in these panels but I’m at a much more consistent state with it now. Gekido as a whole ended up taking a massive adjustment to get used to actually putting in the comic. Until now I was just drawing Borei who is very small and simple with his details. He’s round. Round is easy to ink, to color and to shade. Gekido? Gekido is triangles, lots and lots and lots of triangles. Sharp angles jutting out from every inch of his outfit to give the impression of a warrior who lived and died on the field of battle. This sharpness is meant to contrast directly with the roundness of Borei, but suddenly dropping him next to Borei and having me draw him over and over? It took some getting used to. Another thing that made it difficult was until then Borei served as the scale for each of the scenes. They were modeled all around him, so to make compelling compositions I had to focus on making him the center. That changes with the introduction of this Onryo, however, as he becomes the reference for scale in every composition from here on. He’s larger than Borei so I always have to draw him first so that I can size Borei and the landscape around this in order to fully focus around their best features in every shot.

I think way more about this 4 panel comic than you guys thought, huh? Stick around because I get better at all that stuff I just talked about.