Hiding his true self
Behind the blaze of a flame
I will not be ash

Hey there guys. I almost forgot to update tonight. I work in the morning so I figured I’d update it now just so you all don’t have to wait for me afternoon tomorrow… I was watching Bates Motel. I rarely watch much actual shows these days but I’ve wanted to watch this show for ages and ages, and I really love it. I’ll probably write a review season by season just so I can have some new blog content. I’m not going to do much television reviews compared to my manga reviews obviously, but hey I got to do what I can to give this site some more content don’t I?

Anyways on the subject of And Once Again, this page… Not very satisfied with it in retrospect. It’s rife with errors and shoddy art and overall bad execution. I chock this up to me still learning how to draw Gekido in the 1st Tale. He starts to even out the more pages you get into it but it’s at the 2nd Tale where I’d say I really have settled into a groove with drawing him. The last panel on this page is pretty decent though and I’ve used it for promotional art in a few places. Namely the And Once Again trailer and over on my Patreon…

How’s the 2nd Tale coming along, you ask? Swimmingly for the most part. I had a brush with some bad moods this weekend but my comics buffer is large. You guys won’t need to worry about me missing any updates for some time. I still need to get around to editing a few things in upcoming 1st Tale pages, but they aren’t a priority until the day before they get posted. Time can be better used on other stuff and the foundation is there. I did still meet my quota for pages finished this week though so no worries there! I’m also looking into getting freelance illustration contracts here and there and that’s been going pretty decently so far. Things in general are going decently in life right now if not exceptionally amazing. I got readers who are reading this right now who care about what I have to say, I have a nice website where I can grow myself and my art, and the possibilities from here on out are infinite.

I’m tired and I’m just rambling about nonsense at this rate. I’m gonna go to bed after I finish this episode of Bates Motel. Love you guys~