Monuments of death
Serve as witness to the birth
An understanding

Ah yes, here we are… Page 16. I was waiting to upload this one for a long time. It marks a turning point as I get better at the backgrounds. I’ve gotten pretty damn good at landscapes if I do say so myself. My trees may not be very happy little though and are instead more like desolate drab trees. My only thing against this entire scene is that the positions of the gravestones bother me. And that I didn’t have time to practice making them look incredibly Japanese. I guess you could argue that this is a really remote cemetary up in the mountains or something, but it still bothers me that the graves switch places and type every panel. It’s not exactly consistent.

I do strive for theatrical reality over dramatic reality, but little things like this still get me. I’m trying to keep more concious of details in this nature for future pages of And Once Again, but I hardly think it’s an immersion breaker… Just a little something I can improve on. But besides that how about this page right guys? I like it a lot. In fact the last panel is made as a print and I’ll be selling it sometime… We’ll see whenever I get around to opening my little e-shop whatever.

As for my next blog post or whatever, I’m a few episodes away from finishing season 2 of Bates Motel. I’ll write up my thoughts when I am… It’s a lot more hit and miss than the first season but it finally started to pick up so I may have to continue the binge watch.