In twilight so bright
We come together to find
A new found answer

Hey everyone, here’s Friday’s update on time as always. I had to do a few touch-ups to this page before releasing it today though, just some minor adjustments that I had postponed until now. But needless to say I shaped it up before it was time to ship.

This page is pretty solid all things considered, I don’t have any major nitpicks to go over in terms of critique. I mean I still wish I had made the gravestones look more Japanese than they are but I’m getting better at rendering backgrounds all the time so I don’t believe I’ll have this problem in the future.

I have been getting a huge surge in traffic thanks to my advertising and some other misc. stuff I’ve been doing to try to get my name out there and if you’re just starting to read And Once Again I’d like to welcome you to my bleak little world of ghosts and mysticism and ask that you continue to join me on this journey. It’s gonna be fun! Show it to your friends too, daddy needs more web traffic.

And for anyone interested in my thoughts on Bates Motel S3 so far (4 eps in) I’ll just say this; holy shit they fixed every single problem I had with 2 and made it even better wow.