I swear to thee, boy
We will walk side by side now
Along lonely roads

Alright everyone, here’s the newest page. This page doesn’t have any excessive commentary from me beyond how badly I messed up drawing the dogeza pose. What Gekido is doing panel is a form of bowing which in Japanese culture is a pretty damn big deal and means to offer your greatest respects to whoever you’re bowing at. It’s the ultimate form of humility, and I want to point that out here as it says a lot about what he’s doing.

Things are going ok over here I suppose. We launched the official And Once Again shop here on the site today and now you can buy prints of various things with more to come as we go along! Prices aren’t 100% finalized. I’m still in the process of talking this entire thing over with my editor. It was his idea (indirectly) for me to set something up, because he managed to get my Google Analytics up and running for me and… well, early results are pretty good. But we got to get more people into And Once Again’s fanbase if I’m ever going to support myself with it! We’re probably a while away from the bare minimum of that though at any rate.

I’m really bored right now. I don’t know what I want to watch or read or whatever now that I finished Bates Motel. I’m trying to finish up Gravity Rush but its combat system is really testing my patience… I got my part time job in the morning tomorrow so I probably won’t get much productive done the rest of the day, but this is going to be a good week for And Once Again! As always.