In a daze from death
We never understand why
Where we are heading

And here we are my new friends, the second page. This series is quite mysterious. Don’t be expecting any answers for a long time about stuff, I should probably say that up front. I do however know where the story is going and I can assure you I’m not pulling shit out of my ass as I go along. I can’t imagine doing that to my readers, I want to reward them for following me with a good story and not string them along with ‘oh just wait you’ll see it’ll all make sense I promise!’ or such. You know how it is when comics do that. And Once Again will treat your curiosity with respect is what I’m trying to say haha.

I like the foreshortening and lighting effect in the last panel. It came out really well. This scene has some nice colors in general in the next couple of pages setting the mood to be anxious.