I ask you one thing
What once was wilting firmly
Now blooms only hope

New page for everyone out there who was waiting for it. Things are finally starting to wrap up for the 1st Tale. We only have 4 more pages to go after this. I’ll need to work even harder to keep ahead of the buffer! Rest assured though, I got plenty of material prepared. There will not be any paused delays for as long as I can help it.

That being said I am a bit down these last couple days and my work output has suffered as a result. Well, that’s only a half truth. I have been putting a lot of effort into some serious gesture drawing training the last few days on top of comic pages. A recurring problem with my art in And Once Again lies in stiff character poses leading to some very unnatural drawings. I’ve been doing my best to fix this off-screen and my goal is for this problem to be fully fixed for the time being by the end of the 2nd Tale. Might not be fully finished, yeah, but we’ll be pretty close. I’ll upload some of these gestures soon. They just aren’t that cool to look at but for the sake of transparency you’ll get to see them. A lot of them were sketched from Kendo photographs, as I’ve been trying to get a natural hold on Gekido’s swordsmanship.
There’s a problem I’ve been running into though. My idea for Gekido’s fighting style was to be a very brutal one-handed style- but I don’t exactly have the reference for that. Kendo is exclusively two-handed and a lot of the gestures I imagined Gekido to do don’t make any sense at all realistically. More research needs to be done on my part, but hopefully the characters will organically evolve as I keep making And Once Again.

I’ve also been doing some more writing for future strips and characters. And of course I’m whoring myself out on dozens of social medias just trying to attract the special readers who care enough to have made it thus far in my rant!

See you guys Monday, I may have some blogs to post though before that. But the update yeah as usual see you guys then.