Respite comes softly
We wonder of each other
The sun shines for now

So with this page we are only 3 away from finishing up the 1st Tale. Thankfully my buffer is still way ahead of you guys so there’s no problems on my end. Smooth sailing for presumably months to come and then some.

This page is one that I really ended up liking. There’s one error that bugs me though, Gekido’s hair bangs are way too long in the last panel. I typically aim to keep them at or slightly lower than his shoulders. I guess I just didn’t catch it here. But I like when Borei and Gekido have interatctions like this. It builds up atmosphere as well as their characters, I think.

Another thing I noticed in this page looking back is how much useless detail I put into some of it. I have been putting effort into making my lineart much more simple and effective in the 2nd Tale and I think a good example of what I was doing wrong is Borei’s hair in the 3rd panel. I don’t see what adding all those lines did other than waste a bunch of my time. It’s a pretty subtle change on my part but its one I still felt pointing out that I’ve made a concious effort to improve on. You should hopefully notice a difference as And Once Again continues.

My moods have been suffering a bit lately from a variety of things but I’ve still got a good page-a-day ethic going while I continue to work on marketing myself and making contacts, bringing up and audience and all that stuff that Webcomics have to do… I’m a bit upset that my writing laptop broke and I had to spend some money to get a new one and that may keep me from advertising as much as I’d like, but I have ways… some people I can talk to for when it’s time- when I need to. There’s not a need to be making a huge advertising push right now. There’s some old junk I’ve been thinking about selling too. Who knows. See everyone Wednesday!