Stepping onto ends
Where those that came before clash
For the sake of lords

And here we have the last random scene change in the 1st Tale. As I have stressed before, this is the only time there will be things like this. Tales are going to be a lot tighter and focused around a single place and story instead of tacking on a bunch of random yet connected scenes like what happened in the 1st Tale. Now we all know in my defence I was setting up the characters, but whatever. I won’t be too hard on myself over this, I promise.

In general I don’t really find myself stressing about my work too much. I mean the quality of it at least, I stress about aspects like putting in enough hours drawing a day… Admittedly I’ve been doing really poorly at that lately, but that’s a different story. Rather than stressing about the quality of my work I instead think about some words my Editor said to me quite some time ago. It may have just been a one off line, but the way that it was worded really stuck with me for whatever reason. ‘If you know what you don’t know, you can learn it’. Because of that sentence I don’t stress myself over the off-model characters. I learn to draw them on model. I don’t stress the stiff poses and character expressions. I learn better gesture drawing. I don’t worry that those don’t look much like mountains. I learn to paint them the right way instead. Art is fun because I love seeing my growth a lot. I’m really looking forward to a day where I can draw at a top tier level and bring a lot more people to see my work. Life would be a lot easier I’d bet at that level… But I’ll get there someday I imagine. I know I’m not a top-tier artist yet, but I can learn how to be one.