Wisps of what once were
Horrific fates befell them
Regret… Oh, so sad

Hey everyone. We got here the new page for your enjoyment on time as usual. Time for a small bit of worldbuilding and giving pretense to the larger world I have in mind for this story. No idea of telling how much of all the lore and races and such will make it into And Once Again but I left a lot of room open to tell other stories in this world. There are a lot of themes I’m potentially interested in exploring.

I did not have an amazing day today largely owing to a very stupid doctor’s appointment where my mother had the awful idea to show up an hour early to because we had to do something early anyway. This was a delightful time since the doctor’s office was in the ghetto and I happened to overhear a drug deal while I was sitting there. God that place is stupid. Hurry up and save me from this life, Patreon people!

In all seriousness I don’t have much commentary for this page. I like the top panel. Probably could have defined a lot of the ground’s forms and such better though, and the rock especially. The 3rd Tale is going to push me waaaaay out of my comfort zone and really force me to meet this weakness head on. I guess it’s not a spoiler or anything if I mention that that tale takes place within a cave. That won’t give me any room at all to breath. Monday’s update is the last update of the 1st Tale. I am currently considering not giving an update on Wednesday and waiting until Friday to give the new page, because I could probably use just one free day to give me more of an edge. It’s not something I need by any means, but you know. We’ll see. I’m currently about halfway done drawing the 2nd Tale minus the scroll entries which will be fairly easy to get out of the way when it’s time. Now then, I’ve got to go write a character profile for someone debuting in the 4th Tale.