What once was long lost
In a haze of their own dreams
Killed by ambition

And here we are, the somewhat abrubt end of the first tale to And Once Again. The ending to this doesn’t satisfy me as the scene change was random and ending on the deadpan joke of #21 would have made more sense. I learned what not to do though, as 22-24 would easily work as filler material in the future and not so much main story material.

I don’t think I’ll be uploading all three of the end of tale pages tonight but we’ll see. I don’t feel like writing three whole blogs directly after having just wrote my Fire Emblem article which will probably piss people off at me but BRING IT ON. That was the most click-baity thing I’ve ever written but I meant what I said fully. I did a lot of other art stuff today too. I meant to practice some anatomy this last hour or so but I got caught up in twitter and felt inspired to write that article.

Also I don’t care about the Oscars but congratulations for Mad Max Fury Road SLAUGHTERING that entire awards show and winning every damn award it deserves. Best movie made in a very, very, very, very long time.