Trust should be earned yet
With no roads to travel on
What option is there?

Yet even more mysterious lines. What could it mean? Ah I’ll drop the narrator bit it doesn’t fit me and feels forced. From here on out all of the figures are fully inked. No more painted characters for the betterment of the comic. It starts to get pretty good from here I think. I do like panel 3 quite a lot though. It’s meant to be a stlylized Japanese folding screen detailed with some important decals for maximum fanciness. Whoever that figure behind the screen is, they apparently have nice style.

I kind of overused the light brush you see here, but that’s ok since I ease up on it moving forward. Looking back on these pages now that I’m actually uploading them is surreal. I’m happy though. I meant I’ve been constantly looking back at this chapter over and over again for a month now but now that it’s going on the site it feels like a whole different ball game. It’s time for people to actually see it, huh. Time for me to begin building my empire.