There is only night
Of that I can be certain
Nothing else is true

Hello darkness my old friend. Fun fact, the last panel went through an assload of revisions. I learned the hard way from my editor the importance of color schemes for scenes… I’ll actually post pictures of it later on at my Patreon and show you guys what I mean. It was… really damn bad. The early draft was what my editor labled Neon Candy Land. Definitely not the mysterious and forboding landscape I had envisioned. But hey I had to learn somehow right? And from there on I haven’t had much trouble with the landscape in terms of colors.

I shall upload the next few pages of the 1st day of updates tomorrow morning, it’s super late for me and I just wanted to get one more update in. Hopefully everyone likes it so far, and they share and like this on all that social media things or whatever.