Time to put this page out there since I work in the morning. I hope I’ll actually be able to sleep for it because I had a rare day for me where I slept in really hard… I’m not usually the type who does so, but I woke up at 11 after a bad night where I kept waking up from certain pains and it was very annoying… Once I finally passed out I guess the alarm just didn’t do it in time.

Things are getting quite serious right now, the next month is incredibly important for the growth of And Once Again. I’m using whatever resources I can get at my disposal to reach out to a huge number of people more so than ever before. I can’t really go on about why the next month is so important, but if everything goes well you’ll all find out in due time. In the meantime you can all help support me this month now more than ever. Share the pages of And Once Again, send this site to your friends, leave me lots of comments all over this site, and most importantly commission me, buy a print or support me on patreon. All that stuff. It’s quite crucial for the master plan right now… But it’s all going good.

I finished my page with relative ease today. It wasn’t a big deal since half of it was talking heads, and it gave me some time to think on stuff. I’m happy with the direction my art is improving but I have a lot of things I need to be studying at the same time.