Today was eh. Mood is very inconsistent but I managed to get a lot of stuff done at least… I finished my third page for the week and finished the quota by doing so. It was probably my fault, but it just felt like a slog and my mood made it tough. I’ll spend the rest of the week on art training, character design and random stuff like my Pokemon project (I finished Rattata and Raticate today). I also wanted to give a special shoutout to the dozens of new readers And Once Again has picked up thanks to my super expensive advertising blitz that is currently ongoing and funded by quite a bit of money. I hope you enjoy the ride thus far, because I know I am even on days like this.

Something new I tried today. While working on the page I brought out my timer and gave myself 3 minutes to do the sketch of the characters on top of the gesture. I think if I really train myself that I can increase my speed a lot and pages will get easier. I mean, it’s not like a desperate struggle or anything, but my pace could definitely be improved in a lot of ways.

If you’ve been reading and enjoying And Once Again so far you should break the silence and talk to me somehow, let me know that these people reading are more than just numbers on my page views. More importantly, talk to other people about it and share it!