Hello again everyone, time for a new week of And Once Again to begin. I had an alright weekend creatively, though without my editor (he’s on a trip) It’s been difficult. I felt really creatively annoyed today more than usual. I was struggling for something bigger, if that makes any sense. I tossed around a bunch of ideas in my head but they all made me feel rather limited. Anyways, this isn’t important. It’s gone now and tomorrow I’ll be able to start work on my 3 page a week quota before getting in some good training. I also need to write my Concrete Revolutio S1 review sometime, but I’m lazy and I have a LOT to say about that show… This page came out pretty decently. It was around this time where I started to develop more gesture skills for my characters. That’s still an ongoing process. I spent a good chunk of today studying street photography and doing gestures from them. They came out mixed quality wise but each one taught me something at least. I’ll release the full sheet on Deviantart soon or something when I’m feeling like it. Right now I want to just find another manga I can read in bed and review later on. I’m a bit tired, but things are going really well.

I was interviewed over at Best Webcomics by the way. I should have wrote a blog about it but I’ve not felt the need. Go read words that I wrote if you’re interested in seeing them. http://best-webcomics.com/and-once-again/

Hang on, I’ll upload the scroll entry accompanying this in just a second here.