Apologies, it slipped my mind last night and I didn’t update at midnight. I’m quite tired and sluggish this morning as I woke up slightly sick… It’s starting to get better I guess but it’s still really annoying. I’ll finish up my page pretty fast though, I’m working on the last page, 35, and it’s essentially one huge panel so painting it isn’t taking very long. I finished Death Parade this morning and I’m almost done with my Concrete Revolutio review so anyone who’s interested in either of those should stay alert.

As of right now I’m about to fully be done with the 2nd Tale. Naturally, the script for the in-between arc and the 3rd Tale are both complete yet I’m unsure of how I’m going to progress because I need to be working on a bunch of stuff right now and my editor is gone. I may take a week off from doing the actual comic and plan things out a bit better, but we’ll see. I have enough of a buffer to excuse this and plus I can just do 5-6 pages a week to make up for it even if it’s just like 2 weeks or something. I think everyone will be happy with how the work is progressing so far.