Monday is here and I’m recovered from my day at the convention, I guess. I’m glad to be able to post more content though really. I’m not in the highest of moods tonight for several reasons and growing my site with a new page usually helps a small bit knowing people are out there reading it.

The convention itself wasn’t anything spectacular. It was a decent sized con, but it wasn’t very good for me since even though I hosted a panel I didn’t have an artist’s table. I’m a pretty good public speaker and my panel itself came out fine even if there was only like 15 people in attendance but what wasn’t so good was how I had to go around handing out business cards on my own and showing off a folder of cheap prints I made last minute. I probably only spread around over 50-70 myself just because I couldn’t find enough opportunities with people who weren’t busy or anything. If I had a table I likely would have been able to pass out far, far more and talk to many more people to make a positive impression. I’m already planning another event and I’m waiting to hear back from them about a table, but as of right now I’m just a little disappointed. I was hoping this would be a really good publicity event for me, and I did certainly get a few new readers from it, but it was still a small emotional let down from the anxiety. I’m only good at public events when I’m the center of attention. Approaching is just awful.

So anyway that was my convention diary. This next week is weird for me. I have a lot I need to be doing. I’ll probably be juggling layouts with character sheets I need to draw. I don’t know. Unrelated note but I got current on My Hero Academia and am slightly upset with how much I relate to this panel

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