Mmk time for another update everyone. Traffic is really high today so I suppose I’m doing ok… We got to keep on aiming higher and higher though. I’m not satisfied and have been worried about a few things lately. I’ve got to kick this media promotion into a whole new level starting very soon.If anyone noticed, the lines are super, super thin in this page and they stay this way for quite a few many pages to come in the 2nd Tale. I was going through a phase where I wanted to do super smooth anime styled inking with non varied lines. I end up quitting this later on because I don’t feel the style is very ‘me’. It required me to be smooth and precise instead of fast and dynamic like my inking aims to be these days. I’ve been training myself to get pretty fast lately in terms of inking. My Pokemon challenge for example I take out the timer and after I have the sketch (which I also time), I set my timer and aim to finish the inking super fast.

Snover took two minutes. Abomasnow took 3. Of course I do a few tweeks unofficially off the timer adding around 30 seconds to a minute, but speed is important to me. I want to be faster and faster still to have complete confidence in my accuracy and power. This has also helped me in the layouts too. I got done all 9 pages in just two days… Thankfully you guys won’t need to worry about lack of content any time soon but I still have to figure out a lot of stuff before my deadline. Friendly reminder that I’m open for commissions and could use them quite a lot. This ad campaign won’t pay for itself heh