Mmk here you guys go, last update of the week. Hope everyone’s enjoying the second tale thus far. We’re reaching into the third act next Monday so things are bound to get even more interesting. Today was pretty good for me because of a friend’s kindness. Thanks to them, my ad campaign is going to go smoother than ever before. A silent shoutout to he who wishes to go nameless.Besides that I spent most of today working on a page. It’s almost done… Only one panel left to finish but I just didn’t feel like finishing it today for some reason. It’ll take about 20 minutes to finish. I’m not going by my quota this week since I had to do 9 layouts and will probably work on other stuff until Monday. Or I could leisurely work on the next page on and off instead of forcing it in a day. Either way various production things have to be done on top of two commissions from friends that I’ve been having to put off because of my hectic schedule. Things have been going good but the transition into working on the third tale has been a bit awkward because even beyond the 3rd tale I’m working on a bunch of stuff I can’t show people that threw off my pacing. Suddenly I have a ton of stuff I need to juggle working on in preparation for next month on top of my typical comic duties. That will all eventually clear up and I’ll be back to my good pace eventually. I’m actually just about done with the brunt work of it. Some other art stuff is on my mind though and I want to be done with this so I can train a few things up… I’ll rant about those another time.