Ugh I forgot to update this at midnight again. I wasn’t doing very good emotionally last night. Been in a small haze lately but I’m recovering, it’s not effected my productivity very much so don’t worry. I’m finishing up another page or two this week to keep on top of the buffer and then I’ll have some behind the scenes stuff to work on. I’ll get a pokemon done today probably because I’m tired from my job this morning and probably won’t feel like actual comic stuff.

Some art commentary. I haven’t had much to say the last couple of pages as you may have noticed because nothing noteworthy happened during my creative process for them that I had to rant about, but this page, particularly panel 1 was something. You see when I was first learning how to paint backgrounds using Bob Ross videos was back in November/December he’d often start the painting by coating the entire thing in a single color. Sorry Bob I sorta forgot about doing that until now… I did it all the time back then when I was learning, but this was a dumb mistake of mine. If you go back and look at the first panel in page 18 you can see the background is whitish blue and murky. That wasn’t what I wanted at all for this scene, it was supposed to be dark and contrast steeply with the browns of the two acts. It was still dark, but I was painting from a white canvas. So I thought about it and was like oh yeah I’ll just paint from a dark canvas and made it black (technically a mistake, Editor says that for better values never to use black as the base and instead a very deep blue would have looked better, but it still looks fine). A bad habit of mine sometimes is I learn something and it accidentally slips away until I remember it and ingrain it deeply into my skillset. But hey, my growth as an artist is pretty rapid all things considered so weaknesses are just another thing to improve.

Lastly, my site’s huge advertising campaign is slowing down currently. I had to spend some of the large donation recently on a 90 Day sponsorship ad over at Topwebcomics, where you can be voting for me, and reserving a table at an upcoming convention early June. So I’m going to have to be super focused on talking to more people on social media so I can keep the pageviews coming. You do your job, too! Share And Once Again with your friends, make them read it, make me fan art and stuff, let’s get this fandom started already.

Also the site looks hella different now hope you like it, if not I’ll change stuff back.