Haha sorry guys, I actually forgot to upload this one at midnight like I usually do… I was really excited last night, I was downloading Pokken Tournament and waiting to play it as soon as the clock hit midnight at 12 (11 in my timezone!). I wish they had a preload, but whatever…Gonna give some thoughts on Pokken Tournament for a sec before I talk about the page since this is also my blog and stuff. I really love it so far- I’m maining Braixen currently and I have a huge problem… Braixen is too damn cute in this game and she’s going to turn me into a full fledged furry HELP I DON’T WANT THIS. She’s so tsundere when we lose it makes me feel like I failed her ;-; her animations and voice are just so adorable and kawaii and uguu and I hate myself and aghhhhh-

Ok no seriously, I love this game a lot so far. Pokken Tournament has a surprisingly deep combat system that I want to explore and really try to get good at in my free time. You guys should know by now that I like having a competitive game to work at on and off and I’ve invested hundreds and hundreds of hours into Smash 4. I’m going to take Pokken seriously and work on it like that and see how far I can get in the online ranking boards and stuff. Got a lot to learn but me and Braixen can do it. I do have to play more of the cast though… and I really do want more DLC characters. I’m still STUNNED Greninja isn’t playable. Oh, I also love how much customization there is for trainers- I resolved to make my avatar the gayest looking one I can possibly make… the gayest, like no one ever was. Also my trainer tag is http://talesuntold.us , so maybe if I’m lucky people will look me up and read my comic just from me playing the game online heh.

Anyway this page. I tuned it up like I mentioned I was going to. I can’t draw dogs very well but I did train a bit to pull of this doggy so it’s not like I tried to draw it from nothing. I should have indicated that this is a flashback, but it’s kind of apparent later. I’ll do better later and make page borders that indicate flashbacks. There’s a lot of stuff I want to do but it’s only apparent after I’ve finished a page and by that time I usually just want to keep moving forward… I try to make 3-4 pages a week so as to keep the buffer going and I’m always successful, but I desperately want to get faster and improve so I can work on lots of more things too. Thankfully I’m getting there and pages do seem to be going faster.

Now bbl, because of BraizenĀ  there is no Clayton anymore, only Whitefang Thunder-Roar of clan Wolfclaw, from the lands of Deviant-Art. If you’ll excuse me I have to order my fursuit and cry while masturbating to Zootopia