Hey everyone, here’s page 20. I’m doing good today which is pretty rare, but besides a splitting migraine I had in the evening today was overall very productive and helpful. I decided that I’m going to take the next week off from drawing new pages so I can get all that ‘behind the scenes’ stuff I’ve hinted at done in the next week or two. It won’t be a big deal. I’m 8 weeks ahead with the amount of pages I have for you guys. It will take me a week or two max to finish up this thing. I’ll also be figuring out details for my next convention appearance early June.

This page is kinda weird. Not sure if anyone noticed but this page was colored with brushes that are built to emulate photoshops round brushes of different densitys and give it a digital painting feel. Needless to say I don’t stick with this for very long. The 2nd tale is very all over the place in terms of the characters inking and coloring styles but it’s finally starting to get fully figured out. I’ve been drawing the characters very consistently in one style as of late. You’ll see it as the pages get caught up.

As for my reviews I started writing up my Tokyo Ghoul one. I’ll aim to finish it and post it tomorrow. I started reading Kiseiju and will review that afterwards, but beyond that I’m unsure what I will read next. We’ll see! Remember that same junk I say every update, support And Once Again and stuff.