Within hateful woods
Something stirs, chains now broken
Stillness yet seething

So I didn’t update at midnight, sorry about that. I was really tired and at that point was just in my bed studying Dragon Ball… And I had my part time job this morning and slept badly so I’m exhausted. But I am still gonna do some art stuff today! Probably not working on the next page though. But I might, the one I have to do next is special and its just one huge panel painting so it might be relaxing enough for me to start it today. I have a quick drawing to do for a friend today, finish my next Pokemon drawing (Nidoran Male family) and I want to start planning and drawing some Jojo prints. I have also been wanting to draw Piccolo, and I have an unfinished drawing of Future Trunks lying around… Soooo I got a lot I can be doing today to laxly progress!

It’s so good to be done with that secret side project… I will hopefully tell you guys about it in a few weeks with a gigantic announcement but until then let me just say part of it involved making character sheets with tons of poses and faces… 5 full sheets, 10 poses each to sketch, ink, flat color and then paint… For someone like me who… well I really don’t want to say ‘gets bored’ of drawing characters, but the whole process is incredibly tedious with all the flat color/paint stuff. I really need to experiment in the future to get better and refine my style to a non boring way.

I wanted to share something a fan sent me today, the first piece of fanart I’ve got in quite a while! Actually, most of the fanart I’ve got was from tumblr followers who knew about AOA before I even published it… I think this is the first fanart I’ve got since I actually started posting it. Either way it made me really happy. She sent me a poem she made about Borei. Her love of the little poems I used to write for each strip energized me, I’m going to go back and write a haiku for all the pages I’ve not done that for since. I stopped because I wasn’t sure if it was adding to the experience at all but if even one person likes something I do then that’s enough justification for me to do something to make them happy for supporting me. Anyways, here’s her poem which I absolutely loved. I don’t want to copy and paste how she made it, but she put a really large amount of thought into it. I was quite surprised and a bit humbled.

the rough wind rustles
over the frost-withered leaves
no travel-pillow
grants rest to the gentle child
he’s too young to know the way

-A really cool fan of And Once Again