Taking action here
For what may be the first time
I will wait no more

Hey everyone I just remembered that it was time to update… I was in the middle of responding to a bunch of comments I got tonight. Today went pretty good for me. The page I had to draw too a little over an hour and I spent the rest on some fanart. I’ll post it on the site tomorrow, I’m tired. I’m still trying to get as much fanart done before my next convention appearance as I can but I got to keep the 3 pages a week going along too. We’ll see how much I can get done.

This page marks a change in Borei that was led up to through the whole second tale. I dislike wimpy, sulking protagonists and the message was that sometimes you need to get up and push forward yourself. This turning point will set the stage for who he becomes in the future.

I also re-edited the script for the 3rd Tale today… It’s official, And Once Again will no longer mainly use 4 panels. That’s done. Just letting you guys know that ahead of time so you can look forward to a more traditional comic layout in the future.