Presence so surreal
A power I’ve never felt
Beneath God, a beast

Hello there guys, I totally forgot to update last night at midnight. My bad. I was having a super absorbed drawing day where I got a ton done and at the end I was laying around playing Chrono Trigger proud of my accomplishments. It slipped my mind. I’ll explain the big thing I’m working on in a second here but first let me say that the 2 pages I need to finish this week won’t take very long. I’m doing them later in the week instead of first thing cause I want to finish this project. The pages are so easy though that I could finish both of them in one day. So don’t worry. I really do need to buckle down and do some layouts and writing soon though, but I’llĀ  get there.

Anyway, what’s this big project you ask? This one isn’t a secret like the Hiveworks thing was so I can just tell you upfront. I found this site called Neonmob where you basically collect packs of digital trading cards made by digital artists.

(Please join using my link so we both get extra packs of cards, I actually surprisingly like collecting)

Now that in and of itself is pretty cool and all… but the cool thing is that all the cards are made by users on the site and you can submit yours as a pro creator and earn money from all the sales. Sooooo, I’m making a pack of trading cards based on Japanese Folklore to serve as promo for And Once Again, to expand my exposure and hopefully make a bit of money. There will be 17+ cards you can collect and I’m aiming to finish drawing them all today. My cards will be Neonmob EXCLUSIVE meaning you can’t see the whole art set outside of the website and in exchange I’ll be making 70% of sales. I got no idea if this will do much but it’s definitely worth a shot. The good thing? My proposal got greenlit almost instantly after the staggering amount of likes the community gave me. So I might have a good number of confirmed sales hopefully…

If you join Neonmob, which I think you should, make sure you like my submission! I mean it’s already greenlit but you can still show the support.