Hey, update Friday concluding another week of And Once Again. Hope everyone likes this page and all. I’m feeling bleh, but its an odd bad mood that’s been absorbing me lately. I’m not suffering any loss of productivity but it’s just eating away when I lounge about. I just feel like laying about and complaining about stuff. I guess I just want attention and I’m being shitty about it. My bad, hopefully it passes by or I end up getting that attention somehow. In the meantime I’ll just lay around and play Chrono Trigger in between art sessions…

Currently I’m up waiting for my pack of cards to release over on Neonmob. It should be in about an hour and a half by now if everything goes right. I finished all of the illustrations for it in barely 3 days thankfully. I’ll update this post when they’re out and provide links so you can go buy them and support me and stuff if you’re so inclined.




Seeing my art being enjoyed and traded by so many people in such a short amount of time has put me in a really good mood, so please go check it out and make me feel even better. Everyone should go register with my link so we both get 10 Free Packs to use:


And then… you can pick some packs of my exclusive to Neonmob card series, Night Parade!