I think I have recovered from Pokken Tournament and Braixen turning me into a furry for the time being at least. I can’t tell for sure yet but this update is at midnight like usual, so I’m thinking that I’m cured?



I’ve been getting a middling amount of stuff done the last couple of days. Theres a new poster available for voting for me on Topwebcomics today, so go vote if you haven’t already. It’s the first poster of the new character who’s debuting in the 2nd Tale, and I’m pretty happy with her poster. Overall I’ve been in a good mood but I just haven’t been running at full capacity. Maybe 70%? I got a lot of drawing done today but I also spent a lot of time on promotional stuff. Trying to reach more people and I have ideas to do so but I need to balance it. I dunno.

Comments on this page… I don’t have much. My backgrounds are improving. I guess Borei looks a little off model but this is before I started drawing my characters from a proportion chart. Gekido is also rather stiff. Still learning how to draw characters in motion. I wish I had the time and resources to work on as much training stuff as I want to but living here and balancing my poor moods brought on FROM living here I can usually get one page done a day and work on a little bit of training in one area as well as some writing usually. I don’t usually want to complain about this kinda thing but eh. I just yearn for the day when I make enough from this where I can leave and have a space where I can work in solitude forever like a miserly hermit. Just off the top of my head I have these kinds of training that I need, and yes, need not want, to do; Anatomy plates, gestures, still lifes, value painting studies, cave/rock landscape studies… I wish I had more willpower sometimes and I often find myself being content with what I can do instead of pushing myself to do more. It’s not easy to break this while I still live in these conditions.

Anyways, while working on the comic pages I’ve been listening to the audio book of The Last Wish. For those that don’t know it’s the very first book in the Witcher saga. I’m really enjoying it and am about 6 hours in. I used to listen to music when I drew but I don’t know what happened to me. Over the last year I just started drifting more towards stuff like youtube videos and now audiobooks. I may try to get more into audio books as I really love The Last Wish. I plan on listening to all the Witcher Novels at least because of how much I enjoy this series. I’m glad I got back into Wild Hunt, and I’m going to keep playing it and not let Pokken Tournament distract me too much. I mean when I’m not drawing, that is… That’s obviously my main focus.


Go away you.