Run from the pain, run
From yourself, from the pure truth
Pray to get away

Hey readers, hope you all had a decent weekend without me. I’m doing a mixed bag right now with life itself but as far as production goes I’m on top of things. Part of my weekend was crap because some drunk driver apparently crashed into my internet provider’s place, so they had to spend a whole day repairing the day. A WHOLE DAY WITHOUT INTERNET. I don’t know how a certain someone pulls it off in the jungle for days at a time.

Officially starting the layouts for the 3rd Tale as of today and I finally wrote the huge-ass 7 page rough draft for the 4th Tale during the black out. I was working as hard as I could that day without internet, but the day afterwards things were going really awful at home so I ended up just giving in and going to a friend’s house with my laptop to mess around with him while I checked on business. It was a fun time though when our other friend came over.

My series of trading cards is still over on Neonmob, not gonna hawk it anymore than this but seriously go check me out yo.