The battle is won
A moment of calmness stirs
While I dwell on her

Hey again readers here’s the new page. Only 4 more pages until we reach the end of the 2nd Tale and then I have a small announcement. Nothing huge, just that there’s going to be a week off (for you guys, not me) of pages between the 2nd and 3rd tale’s beginning. The reason being that I have a convention appearance in a bit over a week and I’m taking this week to draw as many prints as I can and in order to have that much more content to display I need to not work on pages this week. So in short to keep the buffer going I want to essentially give myself a free week of catch up. And since the majority of you readers are freeloaders thus far I doubt there will be any objections 😛

I’m mainly working on fanart, first I did two more Dragon Ball pieces that I’ll post soon and then today I did my first Hunter x Hunter print. I’m in the mood to draw a lot more of its cast so we’ll see what I get done in the next week up to Wednesday. I also have to draw two special illustrations of Borei and Gekido to serve as banners for my table, I’m not going to spoil what it looks like but lets just say my tech guy figured out some stuff and I approved.