Levity for once
A chance to praise him can’t hurt
What we have won’t fade

Hey everyone, pretty good note to leave off this week’s updates on don’t you think? I didn’t feel all that great today again, but I pulled it around midway through and got a lot of stuff done. Still got to keep making prints for the convention and I got two done today. I have also been playing Overwatch (PS4) on and off between drawing. It’s rare that I like a multiplayer game this much so I’m enjoying my time with it. I want to try more of the characters, right now I really only play Zenyatta but I dabble with Mcree poorly, his revolver is hard to aim with for me… Zenyatta I’m pretty good with though as long as my team itself knows what they’re doing. I’m a damn good healer and not too bad in a firefight, but I definitely need to train my reflexes for this game…

Sorry I don’t have much production stuff to say. My mood is just all over the place but it’ll stabilize soon. And it’s not effecting how much I get done so eh. My right eye has been annoyingly twitching though, I’m hoping that stops soon. I wanted to especially thank the new Patreon supporter who pledged today, you know who you are. Just a reminder to any reading this that they can help out as well.