Truths of an era laid bare
Well, what must I do?

Here we are my friends, the last week of the 2nd Tale of And Once Again. This is a very busy week for me, I’ve got to prepare for the convention I’m attending this weekend and have been making prints left and right in preparation. Things are going to go very well, its a pretty large convention and I’ll have the chance to talk to lots of people and on Saturday I’ll be hosting a panel about And Once Again like I did before.

Heads up, I’m currently looking for two pieces of And Once Again fanart to feature as updates during the week long hiatus between the 2nd and 3rd tale’s start. You know how to contact me if you’d like to have a drawing featured here! Once all of this convention stuff is over with I’ll need to start going back to working on new pages every single day of the week again for a while. My buffer has diminished between working on my pitch and then having to work on stuff for the convention, I still have 4 weeks or so of updates but that’s not comfortable enough for my tastes. I like to work much farther ahead than that so if I can get back on getting 5 pages a week for a while after the convention is over I’ll be much happier.