Gazing as you go
Sounds of a stranger’s footsteps
Echo pain within me

Whoops, sorry. Did not mean to post the page this late today guys. First time for everything I guess. I am doing a lot of sketching today and also playing Overwatch on and off so between that and thinking about the convention this weekend it slipped my mind. Again, my bad. I’m doing really good though. Something nice happened to me for once and between it and all the progress I’m making in my career life finally seems to be heading in a good direction. I made a lot of prints yesterday for the convention along with something special. I’ll show off pictures when it’s time… I still need to go and make a few more postcard prints though, I accidentally forgot to make prints of a few of them and there are a few that I predict will sell well that I should make some extras of. Hopefully I can get a ride to go and do that tomorrow but we’ll see.