I almost forgot to update tonight. Been very busy getting lots of stuff done… lot of promotional things I haven’t really had much to say about yet but I’m in the process of trying to get lots more readers. But then again nothing’s new there.This page is solid but I touched up the background of the first panel a few days ago. I find going back to ‘finished’ pages before I post them to help a lot in terms of quality and it doesn’t take much energy. I can zone out and just do touch ups on comic pages…

I started a fun little side project today. I’m going to attempt to draw every single pokemon, 1-2 a day in order until I’ve worked through the entire menagerie of pocket monsters. I thought that adding a fun warm up like this would be cool and aid me, plus it’ll help me test things like styles and speed drawing. It will give me more stuff to post on my many social media sites You can find these on my twitter but I’ll make articles for them on this website maybe once I reach a certain point. And maybe I’ll post them in updates here too so you guys have something to look at, like this;

and for the record I am indeed a Bulbasaur man. Charmander is for casuals and Squirtle is cool but I feel like Bulbasaur has always been the one for mature people. I’d love to stay and talk more but I work in the morning.

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