Update day, here you guys go! Also there’s a scroll entry so make sure you read that page too after this one, don’t miss it. Today was ok for me. I finished my page, got a tiny bit of layout work done but I was in a crappy mood for several reasons. Mostly internal bullshit and just a bad mood in general- but the point is I’m still far ahead of schedule, am keeping the quota and this week is progressing as well as could be. I have to work in the morning, but ah well. I’ll just relax tomorrow mostly and perhaps finish the Pokemon I started but couldn’t finish drawing today. Just feeling slightly irritated and lonely I guess.

God the figures in these earlier pages keep bothing me looking back. I’ve been improving the proportions, but all of these are really stiff as well. I assure you that problem is ironed out quite a lot. While you wait just enjoy the pretty colors and backgrounds as they distract you from the art problems I’m still fixing vigorously.

If you’re coming here from the fancy Top Webcomics adspace I bought for the 30th, hi! Hope you’ll stick around.