Ah I am pretty content currently, ok not really but the site is doing as good as it’s done because of a few crucial ads. Despite the somewhat crappy service via email this place gave me, the adspace worked incredibly well and I’ll be buying from them again soon. Friendly reminder to any of the readers who have been increasing in number as of late, I can’t keep And Once Again going strong unless I get some support now and again. Consider supporting its creation on Patreon or commissioning me for something, every bit helps.

I’m slightly ‘behind’ the page quota of the week but I’ll finish up tomorrow early. The page I’m working on, 29, has a very important and badass panel that is large and quite different than the rules my panels work by typically. It’s so dramatic that I had to have my editor go through multiple versions of it with me as I revised it about 4 times in total… So that alone stopped me from drawing anything else today. No pokemon sadly but I’ll do Weedle’s family tomorrow. I’m a bit in a rush over a couple of things since my editor will be off on another one of his science adventures on the 4th, so I basically have to get a good amount of stuff done so that I can get his feedback on a few integral things before he goes. Thus I had to put off drawing pocket monsters for a day.

I’m also working on my next big anime review here and there.